Could your son be a chorister?

Auditions are held in January or February for boys in Years 2 and 3 (coming up to their seventh or eighth birthday). Boys normally enter the choir at the start of Year 4 though occasionally there are spaces in other years. Boys from any school can apply and if successful, they move to Polwhele House.

It is musical potential, rather than a polished finish that is assessed and boys are asked to prepare a short piece of music to sing (“Away in a manger” is a popular choice). Then they are given some ear tests such as singing back individual notes played on the piano as well as two- and three-part chords. Children may find it helpful to have a few singing lessons before auditioning but this is not a requirement.

Boys not already at the school will be assessed academically by the school as part of the audition process.

Boys invariably have a great time when they come to audition and there is a 'Be a Chorister for a Day' prior to the auditions each year. Those interested are encouraged to contact the school’s Headmaster or the Cathedral’s Director of Music at an early stage for informal help and advice.

Further information about the Cathedral can be found at www.trurocathedral.org.uk and information specifically about the music at www.trurocathedral.org.uk/day-to-day/services-overview.php


Sir Tim Rice

Truro Cathedral Choir with Sir Tim Rice



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