Creative Expression

At Polwhele House we recognise that all children are individual and it is often through the arts that their hidden talents are discovered.  Our children love discovering new concepts and ideas and through the platforms of music, drama and art children are taught to respond in a variety of ways to what they hear, see and feel.

Music is an integral part of the school. With timetabled curricular classes, instrumental tuition and extra-curricular activities, each child develops a range of skills, understanding and an appreciation across as wide a range of music as possible and is given the opportunity to ignite a lifelong passion. 

Drama too is enjoyed by every child and both the Pre-Prep and Prep School stage several productions each year. Drama and musical theatre clubs are also offered as weekly activities for those children in the Prep School who wish to pursue their interest between productions.


Britten concert jpeg

the sampsons pr jpg

Evie art

  The Art and DT room is a hive of
     activity. From observational
  drawings to the construction of
 plastic, wood and plaster objects,
       children learn how to make 
    judgements and take aesthetic
    decisions. Their creations are
   quite a sight on display in the
                entrance hall! 

art room