Welcome to our school

At Polwhele House we are passionate about education. We believe that the right education sets children off on the path of self-discovery; it prepares them to take their place in the world.

The right education also creates a life-long love of learning. Academically, we combine high class modern teaching methods with the best of traditional values to create a climate where every child can flourish.

Polwhele House is a happy, family school. It’s a place where childhood is cherished; learning is fun; and community is paramount.

We aim to nurture and challenge our children; we recognise that children need to be guided but also given the freedom to think for themselves and develop a true sense of self.

Do visit Polwhele House and experience the sight, sound and feel of children enjoying their work and play.


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  • Create a friendly, stimulating, caring environment where every child feels valued.

  • Develop community aspirations, determination, industry and perseverance.

  • Enable every child to reach their full academic potential.

  • Respect the needs of the individual; we want every child to find their special talent.

  • Equip children with strong moral values within a Christian framework that understand and appreciate other religions and cultures.

  • Prepare children for the next stage of their education and life.

  • Welcome parents into a partnership of trust, understanding and mutual support.



We believe the most effective and valuable education is one that enables children to enjoy their childhood whilst benefiting from an extensive range of opportunities both in and out of the classroom. We aim to encourage our children to use their minds well, to make wise judgements and reach their academic potential; to discriminate between right and wrong and understand that in a community, responsibilities and duties come before rights. We consider that a good range of physical activity is important for growing children to develop healthy bodies and to provide lessons for life. We believe that no education is complete without a spiritual element, teaching children an appreciation of beauty and nature and supporting their creative and moral development.


With these principles in place, Polwhele House aims to produce young people at thirteen who are confident without being arrogant, achieving well in a variety of situations and appreciative to the needs of others. Such young people will be well prepared for the next phase of their education and for life beyond.


Children need time and space to grow; they need to be nurtured yet challenged; they need to be guided but also encouraged to think for themselves and to show initiative; they must be given freedom whilst understanding and accepting the reasonable boundaries; they must develop self-respect, due regard and responsibility for others, and a sense of community. All these values we strive to foster at Polwhele House.





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